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terrorists have no religion

Terrorists have no religion, peaceful do have

Shahzad Jillani

I strongly believe that terrorists have no religion, but peaceful people do have. Last Friday, when I was watching television at home, I heard about the terrorist attack in New Zealand. Suddenly, I felt a bit shocked by the news what the reporters were telling on the news channel because my friend and his family live there. After listening to the news, I grabbed my mobile phone and start searching on Google that in which city that terrorism attack happened. After finding out the city I was a little relaxed to know that my friend and his family were saved, I searched on Google what was happening there in Christchurch City of New Zealand. However pain of other 50 killings is not a small one. I feel sorry for children of other people, who were killed in the attack.




Last Monday when I went to my school, my school teacher Sir Mehboob told me that in this terror attack there were eight Pakistani Muslims who martyred in the Mosque during Friday prayers. One of the Pakistani victims was coming inside Mosque with his son to pray. Suddenly he heard the noise of someone shooting bullets and people shouting, he ran to save the people from the terrorist. When he was stopping the terrorist, the terrorist shot him and he died. Then his son tried to stop the terrorist but his son was also killed. Before the terrorist was killing him, he moved on the ground to save a small kid behind him. He fell on the small kid to cover and save the life of the small kid.

After this incident the Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardren went to the houses of all the people who were martyred in the incident. She wore scarf, traditional head cover of the Muslim women. In the parliament, she began her speech with greeting the Muslims in the cultural way saying Assalam – o – Alaikum to all Muslims.

She wanted to keep the killer unnamed and forgotten forever. She said, “We, in New Zealand, will give him nothing. Not even his name.” In the Parliament she also said, “New Zealand will ban all types of semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles following the Christchurch attacks. The government of New Zealand will buy-back all the weapons from the New Zealanders who have bought weapons for their safety.”

The government would buy the weapons which cost up to NZ$200 million ($138m; £104m). The price that we must pay is to ensure the safety of their communities, said the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

After this incident, people of New Zealand came and stood outside the mosques, which were near them to protect the Muslims while they prayed this Friday. More Muslims came to mosques to pray this time. And on the day of Sunday, Muslims and other people of other religions came and stand outside the Churches of Christians.

This incident made Muslims to think that only they were targeted in the terrorist attack. But, after the proposal of amendments in the law, which are going to change the law of New Zealand to control the guns held by citizens, Muslims started feeling secure. On 21 March, Prime Minister Imran Khan called Jacinda Ardern to thank her for the efforts she had done for the protection of Muslim community as well as other citizens of her country.

Terrorists have nothing to do with any religion. They must be punished, so the other criminals avoid such actions in the future and innocents remain safe. I will say thanks to Ms Ardern for making my friend in New Zealand feel secure. (Shahzad Jillani is class VII student of Karachi Public School. This is his first ever article. Minimum editing has kept the original essence of article intact).  

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  1. The article written on true facts.There is a dire need to promote peaceful culture all over the world.The shocking things happened everywhere in the world.

  2. Very strong message in very mild words, beautifully written by the young writer (as per his foot)

    • Very good attempt.. and honestly to share your thoughts… WIll pray for your future, you will become top Journalist raw.. to true story picture about world and Nation .. .